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It's been a while..

July 11, 2005

It's actually been a long while since I'd made any notations here. Between vacations and graduations, things have been hectic at best.

So... as ever there are new backgrounds this month: Plump,Country and Fuzzy. Not perhaps the most inventive names, but they seemed to work. With as busy as I've been, there aren't any other new things going on, however now that I'm back that can change.

Hope everyone had a safe and fun 4th!

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April Showers..

April 4, 2005

supposedly bring May flowers... buuut, in my little corner of the world they just seem to be bringing wet.

I didn't keep as on top of things here as I should have last month.. lots going on for me. Hope everyone had a safe and fun St.Patrick's Day and a good Easter.

So, to this month. Three new backgrounds this month: PaintBall, Bright Day and Floral. They should bring a splash of spring to a page. There seemed to be a pretty favorable response to the special background from a couple months ago, so I think I'll keep that up.

Special of the Month.-Pink Scallop. Feedback is always welcome, so don't hesistate to contact me and let me know if you like something or don't like something.

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March..Backgrounds and weather..

March 1, 2005

Well... March has arrived bringing with it three new backgrounds, Blue Delight, Candy Dish and Boom. Also this month we have a new theme available called Spring Sprung, even though in many parts of the country that is sooooooooo far from the truth.

Speaking of which... at least here yesterday the old saying of "March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb" was partially true... very gusty yesterday. Made me glad I've put on weight

Hey East Coast... hang in there and send some of that lovely wet stuff back out here to the West!

Oh yeah.. one last little thing... I'm leaving available the special background from last month a while longer. February's Special Background

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Spring Wallpaper!

February 26, 2005

It seems that the wallpapers are a good thing, so I've gone ahead and made a couple more, this time taking into account that not everyone runs at 800x600 resolution.

So, where can you check these out? Ummm.. by following the following links!

Rose for 600x800

Rose for 1024x768

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