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Buttons / Bars

Backgrounds- Tiled

Monthly Backgrounds

Three new backgrounds every month!
These are generated randomly so click refresh to see a different one.
Here are seamlessly tiled backgrounds both individual as well as five collections, two of them light, two of them dark and one rather gothy group.

DO NOT LINK DIRECTLY TO THESE FILES! In the event you are too lazy to actually take a couple of seconds to download the zipped file to your system, you will find that hotlinking can be embarassing.
Now if it's just that you don't have WinZip... easy enough fix, get it... cause it's free!
Be sure to check the buttons page for buttons and bars to match the backgrounds and the fonts page for some useful free fonts.
Or for even more fun, visit the bordered backgrounds page.
Tiled Background Collections

AfricanQueen2 BarelyThere BarsNCages2 BlueCloth2 BlueStone Borialis2
AfricanQueen BarelyThere BarsNCages BlueCloth BlueStone Borialis
Brocade HeartFlare2 RubyEnchantment2 TrueLove2 VelvetWeb2 WateryOne2
Brocade HeartFlare RubyEnchantment TrueLove VelvetWeb WateryOne
Light Backgrounds Collection 2- Click to download Light Backgrounds Collection 1-Click to download Gothic Collection- Click to download Dark Backgrounds2- Click to download Dark Backgrounds 1-Click to download